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Fear from the Heart Fear from the Heart

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have no idea what nonez is talking about. Yeah, it's black and white. Looks pretty nice to me. One could argue that the "heart arm" should maybe be brighter to up the contrast of the piece, but I for one can appreciate a dark atmosphere in a piece. Them highlights too though... so good.

Fucking yolk Fucking yolk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've noticed cigarettes in quite a few of your works. Are you attempting to quit? Kicking a habit, and an addiction at that, is always difficult.

I really love the semi surreal look that your art gives off. Good stuff, nice shading, and as always a beautifully put together color palette.

If you ever need to talk dude, you can message me.

KinietisDobe responds:

thaanks for the compliments man ^_^
ya see is that im not trying to quit, i am pushed to get addicted to them. But i am able to hold off the urge to smoke for now cuz i have promises to keep
And thanks for the offer of help dude, i really appreciate it
I honestly think we could get along ^_^

Melancholy Paranoia Melancholy Paranoia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll tell you one thing first off, never worry about your style looking like someone else's. That way lies madness. Draw in a way that feels natural and good for you.

Also, take it from someone who has never had a quiet brain. I'm 23 years old and have the dual anxiety/depression disorder and I'll tell you, it can be a ride. Your info says you're 18 so I'll tell you this, it took me until a year ago to really accept what I have and what I am and what I draw in response to that.
(much of my art pertaining to my disorder is not on this site yet)
Just tell people the truth. (easier said than done) Just tell them that you feel like you have to ask certain questions even if you feel they're useless or baseless.
We're all in this ocean together, we'd better get rowing.

Anyway, onto the art. You've got a dope-ass style and your use of color is awesome. I friggin' love the segmenting of this dude's arms and the little bones sticking out. Hella yeah. That octopus too. Bomb ass stuff.

I see you aren't too much of a background person. Eh, neither am I. Can't fault you for that.

Keep on keepin' on, my friend. Life only gets more lively from here.

KinietisDobe responds:

Coming from some one whom has had more experiance in life than i have i completly agree with you.
But there are people that just will not except my explanations bcs there is no such thing like that in there lives and im just trying to run away from responsibility, but now i just role with it. And i do think that i can never lose at life, i can only win, i believe that you can make a profit from every mistake and better youre self so that next time that certain type of mistake will be avoided. But my fear lies in being unsure if ill ever reach that "better" where i will no longer make mistakes or make other people lives harder, i also fear that i will never reach stable happiness. Right now im reaching the bottom of self hate and interest of living, but from my experience if something goes down its bound to get back up, so i wonder when i will i hit the bottom and how high will it go from there and when.
And thanks for the compliment on my drawings man! ^_^ im just trying to get used to drawing on the PC so that i could later on draw without frustration on my computer
But i scouted you for the same reason ;D you too have a dope-ass style, and these new skulls that you submit look really clean and in general they are pretty damn amazing B)
"Bo Gnarly" looks the most awesome to me personally :p
Anyway thanks for the detailed comment, i really do appreciate you dedicating youre time to speak your mind out

Hodor Hodor

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Bowz responds: